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Homeopathy for anxiety, fears during pregnancy

Homeopathy for anxiety, fears during pregnancy

Anxiety and fears during pregnancy

Excitement and anticipation are normal feelings during pregnancy, so are feelings of fear,stress and anxiety. Anxiety in general is a human emotion that everyone experiences at times.During pregnancy, hormones are chaotic, circulation of blood and breathing change, blood sugar levels become inconsistent,etc.which contributes to anxiety or panic attacks.
Usually anxiety disorder involves an excessive or inappropriate state of arousal characterized by feelings of fear,apprehension or uncertainty.


During pregnancy anxiety is very common. Some symptoms during pregnancy includes:
Hot flashes, dizziness, shaking, terrified feeling that something bad is about to happen, inability to sit still, excessive sweating.

These are the basic symptoms that occur during pregnancy.


Hormonal causes: During pregnancy there are tremendous changes in body and also in hormones. The increased level of Hormones can cause mood instability. There can be mood swings like feeling irritated to weepy or from irritability to sensitivity.
Emotional causes: Emotions also get effected due to hormonal changes and all your focus goes to the developing baby. Fear of baby’s health, worrying to make correct choice for yourself and baby, uncertainty about the future, etc. causes immense stress.
Other causes: Excessive work load can be a real cause of anxiety during pregnancy. Disturbed digestive system, improper daily routine, less sleeping hours etc. are also a cause of anxiety and stress during pregnancy.


Whenever anxiety strikes during pregnancy, one should place hands over the stomach and take deep breaths.Taking long period of rest is important durance pregnancy.Exercise is very important during pregnancy in order to prevent anxiety.Eating a healthy diet also helps to prevent stress during pregnancy.During pregnancy one should stay away from things that might scare or cause anxiety.
With the help of these suggestions one can prevent anxiety attacks and keep both mother and baby healthy and safe.

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