Are There Any Side Effects?

  • Like any other medicine, using Homeopathic medicine safely and effectively, requires the guidance of a trained registered professional.
  • Since Homeopathic medicine acts as a catalyst to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself, different reactions can occur depending on the sensitivity of the person, the nature of the disease and the potency (strength) of the medicine.
  • Homeopathic medications may cause an initial accentuation of the symptoms before improvement. These reactions are generally mild and transient. They vary from person to person and as such, should be managed under the guidance of a registered Homeopathic practitioner. The effects generally encountered from long term (or even some short term) drug therapy in conventional medicine are not experienced using Homeopathic medicine.
  • Can Homeopathic medicine be taken with Conventional medicine?

  • Yes, the two can be safely used together – with some provisos.
  • Conventional medicines produce chemical effects in the body while homeopathic remedies stimulate energetic changes.
  • The two work in different areas and so do not interact in the same way as conventional medicines and some herbal remedies or supplements do.

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