• A fairly rare condition in which lining of rectum and colon become progressively ulcerated, causing periodic attacks of left-sided Abdomen pain, Diarrhea, mucus and blood in faces and in severe cases Fever and Nausea. Complications include Anemia, as ulcers bleed and Septicemia, as toxins from ulcers get into bloodstream; risk of developing cancer of the colon or rectum - see Cancer is slight. Cause is not known, but broad-spectrum antibiotics can aggravate condition. Diagnosis is by barium enema and endoscopies of the rectum and lower colon. Conventionally treated by steroids; in severe cases steroids and nutrients may have to be given intravenously to rest colon and allow it to heal; colostomy, or surgical removal of affected part of colon, is a last resort.
  • After a first attack, constitutional homeopathic treatment is recommended.
  • Also known as functional or nervous diarrhea, colon or vegetative neurosis or mucous colitis; main symptoms are Constipations and Diarroea, turn and turn about, occasional cramping pains in lower abdomen and sometimes pain on defecating. Muscular contraction in the colon or ileum is uncoordinated and spasmodic, though not for any reason which can be detected by X-rays or endoscopy; causes are as likely to be psychological - family,marital, or work problems, cancer Phobia, in fact Stress in general - as dietary. However, a low-fiber diet or intolerance to wheat, corn, dairy products, citrus fruit, tea, coffee, apples, pears and salads - in that order- is sometimes the culprit Less often, spasms can be triggered off by a bowel infection, bowel parasites ( tapeworms, amoebae, etc.), overgrowth of bowel flora, spinal maladjustment or excessive use of laxatives. Twice as many women are affected as men.

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